"We hope that the Play Card will bring our schools and communities together, each helping the other while doing nothing more than going about our daily activities!"

--Gary Liu, President

Welcome to the Play Card Program

A simplified approach for school fund raising!

Let's face it, we all want to help our schools raise money and we all want to see higher budgets for education where are our children are concerned. But aren't you tired of the endless catalogs that come home forcing you to buy more wrapping paper yet again? How many tubs of unused cookie dough are in the freezer? And how many are in your neighbor's and coworker's freezer after you spent your personal time going around soliciting their donations? What about all those School Spirit nights where everyone has to go to the pizza joint to support the school, even though you had a hankering for Mexican that night?

That ends here! Today, with the Play Card Program you now have the flexibility and freedom to donate the way YOU want, when you want. Raise money for your school doing things you would be doing anyway, like sending out your dry cleaning or getting an oil change - even eating at the restaurant of your choice!

Supporting your child's school just became effortless.

It is as easy as shopping at local stores and displaying your Play Card at the time of sale. You not only have the ability to earn a personal reward for yourself, but each business has also agreed to give 5% of the sale back to your school’s PTO. It’s that easy.

The only process involved is swiping the Play Card through a credit card terminal. All accounting and transfer of funds takes place automatically with no additional effort on your part. Parents of every school on the program is encouraged to shop at your location ensuring a win-win-win scenario for every party involved.

The system is turnkey with very little management needed on your end. Once the program is implemented and promoted to the parents of the school, the funding from each business takes place automatically once a month with no additional leg work.